Back to School

Dear Back-to-School Day,

This year you snuck up on me quicker than I wanted but also went mostly smoother than I anticipated. Why is it that once school starts our kids seem to grow up faster and the time seems to fly by quicker? Anybody else or is that just me?

Anyway, this year I had two heading to all day elementary school. It will be nice to have them both on the same schedule for a year as opposed to last year when Lincoln was in preschool and I felt like a taxi cab driver more than a mom most days. When my oldest, Keaton, started kindergarten it was a tough transition for him and he didn’t always want to go those first two weeks. Which led to a few not so great mom moments for me and a terrible first impression at our new school. Can you say angry mom meets cry baby mom tossed in with a little bit of I have no bleeping clue what I am doing mom. Did I really just let that happen? We need to move… out of the country!

So this year I was a little anxious for my second, Lincoln, to start kindergarten. He is generally more shy so I was concerned he would have a difficult time as well. But to my amazing surprise he handled it like a champ and it couldn’t have gone better! The back-to-school gods have shined their glorious light upon me! Hallelujah!!

With two happy boys back to school with teachers who were warm and welcoming, this mama was ecstatic! The only little problem this year was a clingy little three year old, Mr. McCoy Boy, who wouldn’t let me put him down until we got back to the car. I don’t really want to look ahead too much as I know the time will come fast enough, but I am already dreading his first day of school. He is a mama’s boy through and through and refuses to do much without me. Last year for back to school I wasn’t so worried, in fact he appeared ready to start school. So much so that it broke my heart to see how sad he was that he couldn’t go with his brothers. See below:

Goodness that little face still makes my heart hurt. So anyway I thought to myself that maybe he won’t have any problems when its time for him to start school. He obviously wants to go.

Flash forward to this year. He is all smiles sending his brothers off to school knowing he wasn’t going, he had to have a backpack of course, but he wasn’t staying there so it was ok. As we dropped Lincoln off in his Kindergarten class the teacher looks over to McCoy with his backpack on and says, “are you ready for school too?”

I won’t forget the look of that little face as he dramatically shook his head side to side, squeezed my hand tighter than a 3 year old should be able to, and looked at me with the fear that could only mean life as he knew it was about to end! Please do not make me stay here with this lady! I am sure his heart was pounding out of his little chest.

Oh no, here we go again. And I felt the fear and frustration start to bubble in my blood when I had to stop myself and remember this kid was coming home with me. We have another year until I need to fight that battle. Whew that was close. Walk out of the room, hold back those tears, and keep it cool, you got this!

Focus on the positives I had to tell myself. I just left two happy boys in their classrooms. I will worry about this other little cling-on attached to my leg when the time comes. And maybe I will just hold him back a year if it is really that bad, or you know I could always home school, or do they really need school that bad…?

2 Down, 1 to go. I can do this. One day at a time, one kid at a time, one back-to-school day at a time.


Reluctantly brave mom of three


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