How to Make Profile Silhouettes Using a Cricut

I have always loved how those profile silhouettes could be so simple looking yet capture the unique details of a child. I have always wanted to get them made of my three boys but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Recently I purchased a Cricut Explore Air and I have been trying to branch out and see what else I could do with it besides making cute labels.  I mean you can really only label so much right? Once I started considering making a label for the “label maker” I knew I needed help! A change of pace, a new project, a new idea. That’s when I thought of the silhouettes, and I got to work!

It actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, and I loved how they turned out! Here is what I did:

1. Take the photos. 

Take a profile photo of your subject against a plain background. Making sure the background is plain/solid colored, will make some of the following steps much easier. The photo doesn’t need to be anything fancy. I simply used my iPhone to snap a couple pictures. The hard part was getting the 3 year old to cooperate. (But I kind of like how you can actually see his pouty little stance in the final product, I will always look at it and remember his stubborn little self at 3 years old.)

2. Upload your photo to a photo editing application.

I used Pixelmator. But you can use Photoshop or any other photo editing app you have. If you are looking for a free one I have heard good things about GIMP, so maybe try that out if you don’t have one. Once you upload the picture you are going to want to remove/delete the background of the photo. This is where the solid background makes it easier. I used the Quick Selection Tool to select and delete the background. Once the background is removed you can export the image and save it as a JPEG file.

The Quick Selection Tool allows you to capture a larger area of similar color to delete at once. So I just moved around his head making selections to delete. This is where the plain background made it quick and easy to select large chunks!
This is what your image should look like when all of the background is deleted. You can then export this image to a new JPEG file.

3. Upload your new file into Cricut Design Space.

I chose to upload it as a Complex image type. And save it as a Cut image. Then when you add it to your canvas it should look like this.

Here is all three of mine before I cut them out. I liked being able to see all three of them together for that final visual.

4. Adjust the size to what you prefer and cut out your image.

You can then use the outside of the cut vinyl and make a stencil to paint or you can simply remove the actual silhouette and place that directly on your board. I liked the look of the vinyl and so I didn’t bother with painting it. But either way would work great!

I hope this has been helpful and I am always up for questions or comments. Let me know how your’s turn out or if you have other great ideas for me to try with my Cricut!

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  1. How do you get them to cut? I’ve tried to upload pictures and thing and saved them as cut and complex and when I try to cut them it always wants me to print them.

    When I hit the already printed button and try to cut them all my machine dose is scan the vinyl and says it cant cut them

    1. Sorry, I am just now getting to your question. I hope you have figured it out by now, but if not let me know and I would be happy to help. Sometimes you have to change to icon over on the right and make sure you choose the cut symbol and not the print symbol.

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