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  1. How Beautiful is that. I have never seen two people that were made for eachother, like you two. I love you both so much.

    1. Oh my goodness…I love everything about this story! You two are definitely something special. What a sweet love story. Thank you for sharing. P.S. I will need to see the reenactment of the awkward hug…

  2. I love this story! πŸ’› it’s jusy so…you guys!
    I look up to you both so much, more than you know!
    Also #RelationshipGoals
    If marriage is ever in my cards, I’m praying for one like that!

  3. I think you need to re-post this with a picture of you and J re-enacting the first hug. It’s one of my favorite stories and when you get to see the visual its priceless!!

  4. My two favorite lines:

    #1 – β€œMom, watch this!” (this can be good or bad. Really it’s just a toss-up depending on the day).

    #2 – Now please stop breathing into my ear for two minutes before I show you how to throw a real tantrum!

  5. All of this! All the time! My kids are 5,4,and 2, and I don’t try doing anything blog related unless the oldest is in school, the second in rest time, the third napping. Otherwise it’s just an exercise in frustration.

  6. i try to do most of my blogging during nap time. but some days i just need to finish up a post once everyone is awake and home from school. it always takes forever to finish up that last, like 30 mins of work. and i always, always feel guilty. like i’m playing on the computer instead of interacting (fully) with them.

  7. This was a great one!! It brought back memories of when my Grandma would say to my sister and me during bath time not to forget to wash our front butts!!

  8. LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing. It is so true. I totally have to stop blogging during the day unless our 2-year-old daughter is napping (which doesn’t happen much anymore). Thanks again for sharing!

  9. I absolutely LOVED this!! We don’t have boys, but man, the idea of sleep walking scares me… I’m going to add this to my list of reasons why. Sorry for all the cleanup you had to endure, but man… hilarious! <3

  10. I love this post! Great tips for us new bloggers with kids! I admit I have tried to write while the boys are buzzing all around me. My youngest will get mad and say “Are you writing about me? I thought I saw my name!” HAHAHA. πŸ™‚

  11. An idea about the snack thing. Can you make a container of “mix” for them that they can get to or put in baggies in fridge that they can go get? They are “special Blog snacks” Cut up PBJ bites, cheese bites, etc? Of course I only had one boy, so what do. I know!!!! Your stories sure make me laugh
    But so sad to read about your Dad :(. Keep blogging. Youretalented!

    1. That is a good idea! Funny you mention it, I did just recently move some of the snack foods down to lower shelves where they can help themselves. That has helped a little. Thanks for the tip! And thank you for your kind words, I appreciate that you take the time to read my blog! πŸ™‚

  12. You have no idea how much I needed to know that I’m not the only one with a “rodent” problem. I live in a very old home and right around this time every year, we notice more and more of their presence. Who am I kidding. . .their presence never goes away in my house. No matter how hard I try.

    However, this past Friday night took it to a whole ‘nother level for me. I was sitting on the couch working on a blog post and I felt my sleeve rustle a little bit. I was wearing one of those oversized sweatshirts. . .you know the ones that make you feel all warm and cozy like you never actually want to wear “real” clothes again. I just assumed it was my sleeve readjusting. But, then, I felt it again. This time I noticed a little bit of movement out of the corner of my eye. I convinced myself that I was imagining things. But, just to be sure, I lifted the throw pillow that was nestled under my elbow. Sure as sh. .stuff, there was a “rodent” present. On the couch. With me. RIGHT THERE!

    I wasted NO time literally throwing my computer off the couch and then dive bombed off after it. End result – broken computer AND a broken toe. Never did catch the little monster, either.

    Your son peeing in the fridge is classic. Absolute gold when it comes to having material to share with future love interests! πŸ˜‰

  13. I so feel you on being a sports mom! My son just finished his 7th (SEVENTH!) year of football and he just turned 12. Every year, my husband has been his head coach and I’ve either been Team Mom, a member of the Association Board or both! It’s so much fun. . .and SO much work! But, some of my best memories with my family have been on a football field!

  14. I can totally understand where you’re coming from! It is so hard to know sometimes. I really do think (based on my own experiences) that sometimes you have to take the leap of faith. I look at it this way sometimes, if its something that was put on my heart in the first place and has stayed there…..then maybe that is God “calling” me in a way. I also think sometimes he tests us to see if we are willing to take the leap…. My husband and I felt like God was telling us it was time to buy a home a few months ago. It literally felt right. We went and jumped through all the hoops, had a closing date and then everything fell apart….and suddenly it didn’t feel right anymore. I definitely feel like God had us go through that experience for a reason, though currently I have no idea why. Maybe he will reveal that and maybe not. Another example: my job is falling apart right now and I have stayed here because I just don’t feel like God is calling me to move on yet. I sell copiers so its not like I’m working in missions. I thought….I wonder if I’m staying out of laziness…. But each day, it is amazing how he brings another person to my cube that is craving something spiritual – maybe they have no idea what that means yet. He’s showing me that I am doing much more than selling copiers here. So for now – against all family advice, I’m staying where I’m at. Sorry for the long comment…..long story short, I get what you’re saying! πŸ™‚

    1. You make some great points! Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! And it is always good to know we are not alone πŸ˜‰ Thank you for reading!

  15. Funny thing is…I felt called…to be a teacher…in a public school where we can’t talk about Jesus. But, I can show Jesus. I try to show Him to my students every day. I have always felt like being salt and light was something God had for me. Know you are doing the most important job that there is, and a job I hope to hold someday. Be encouraged because God placed those boys in your life, and automatically being a stay at home mom became your calling.

    1. 100% we can show Jesus everyday! I was going to be a teacher before I had my boys too. Now I just started subbing again. Maybe one day I will go back to teaching, we will see! I think our public schools need all of us teachers who can “show” the kids Jesus everyday πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the nice comment and thanks for reading!

  16. I enjoyed this post! It came straight from the heart and I think we all struggle in this area. I can say I have had many big “leaps of faith” and I have actually felt both ways- I have felt like I most definitely was led to the right place at the right time to serve God- and then there have been other times that I made a choice and looking back I think it was more selfish than a calling…. but in the end, the God we serves uses everything for His purpose! The callings, the decisions, the choices we make- as long as we seek Him in it all!

  17. This is a great read, I definitely agree that I thought parenting was simple when I didn’t have my two children. I actually apologised to my parents for being a pain as a child.

  18. Ah, the things you learn as a mother! I’m 12 years into this parenting thing and STILL don’t always get things done the way I want to. I’ve decided that raising them to be great adults is the best thing I can do and they’re definitely on that path. Plus, they know they’re loved. What more can you ask for?

  19. Oh my yes! When my sister had her first two I was queen of β€œwhy aren’t you doing something?” β€œI will never..” yeah now I realize why she ignored some things, gave in to others and decided it wasn’t worth it.

  20. Loved this!! I was exactly the same before my son was born. Boy, was I wrong about pretty much everything! LOL. It’s fun though, isn’t it? Thanks for a great read.

  21. AWWW! What a fun little family to have! I like your goal the best!
    I feel like now that my son has turned 18 and gone traveling on his own, I’m thinking was I present enough? Will he remember all the experiences I tried to give him? Did he see them as fun and worthwhile? You never stop wondering. It’s really so much fun when they are little. So fill the time with happy memories that keep them wanting more. I wish my son was still little and at home with me!

  22. Hi there! Love your projects. I have a silhouette not cricut. But I’d like to make labels like yours. What font did you use for the pantry labels??

  23. How do you get them to cut? I’ve tried to upload pictures and thing and saved them as cut and complex and when I try to cut them it always wants me to print them.

    When I hit the already printed button and try to cut them all my machine dose is scan the vinyl and says it cant cut them

    1. Sorry, I am just now getting to your question. I hope you have figured it out by now, but if not let me know and I would be happy to help. Sometimes you have to change to icon over on the right and make sure you choose the cut symbol and not the print symbol.

  24. Wow I mean wow. Deena Kathleen (Hanson) Welch I am so very very proud of you you had me in tears threw that entire post. I am still crying now our fathers death is one I will never ever understand but my views were a little different but the way you r handling this is amazing I know how hard it is for you and this was just so perfect and to be honest I needed to hear it my self so with that being said Deena my baby sister thank you for helping me in a way you may never understand I love you so much so so much your biggest brother Justin (brother) Jack hanson.