Back to School Breakfast Burritos

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Ok so really breakfast burritos are good ANYTIME, am I right?!

But they are especially good for that first week of back to school. When that alarm goes off before the sun is even up, I am going to be happy that I have a yummy, protein packed, quick breakfast ready for my boys on their first day back. And the whole first week for that matter!

It’s my back to school tradition, I always make up a ton of these burritos and pop them in the freezer for quick breakfasts to help us get back into our routine. It’s a time saver and they love them, so win win!

So here is what I do:

  1. Chop up a whole 5lb bag of potatoes. You can use any kind you want. I go back and forth between these red ones, and the Yukon gold. I don’t even bother to peel them. Give them a good wash, chop into small cubes, toss in olive oil, salt, pepper and some seasoning salt. Then pop them in a preheated 450 degree oven for 25-30min. I line the pan with foil and a little cooking spray to make for easy removal! 
  2. Meanwhile, brown up your favorite breakfast sausage. I used two packs (2lbs total) of the Jimmy Dean Regular. I normally like to get the sage flavored or even the maple, but my store was out this trip so I just got the regular. Drain and set aside.
  3. Crisp up the bacon. Again I used two packs. But can you ever have too much bacon? I think I could have had one more pack this time around but the two will just have to work.  I usually cut it up first then throw it in the pan and crisp it up. I think it splatters less this way and is quicker. You could also bake it then chop it up, however you prefer. And depending on your oven space, mine was currently full of potatoes so I went with a stove top method. Drain and set aside.
  4. Scramble up some eggs. A LOT of eggs! (I did 3.5 dozen)  And if you can, get some cute little sous chefs to crack and mix them up for you. There is a huge possibly that you will have to then fish out little bits of egg shell, but at least if they complain about a crunchy bite later you can blame it on them right?
  5. Mix everything together. I get a huge bowl and just pour it all together and give it a gentle stir. I figure if I just mix it all together before then I don’t have to be so accurate with the proportions as I make each burrito and run the risk of ending up with a bunch of potatoes or something at the end. Make sense?
  6. Warm tortillas. I usually do about 5 at a time. I place the tortillas between damp paper towels them microwave them for about 45sec.
  7. Fill your burritos. I use my 1/2 cup measuring cup as a scooper and fill each tortilla with a 1/2 cup of the breakfast mix and then top with cheese. You can use whatever kind of cheese you like. I took some help from the store this time and got the kind that was already grated. But feel free to grate whatever kind you like. Just make sure you put some cheese in there, that’s what gives it that yummy, gooey goodness!
  8. After they are all filled I then wrap them individually in some plastic wrap and then place them in freezer bags and pop them in the freezer. I was able to make 53 burritos! That should last me at least a week or two! Ok hopefully more, but seriously, my boys love these and seem to eat them faster and faster each time I make a batch. Even daddy loves them too because he can pop one in the microwave and take it to go on his way to work.
  9. Warm up tip: Once they are frozen, before you pop it in the microwave, (remove the plastic wrap first obviously) wrap it in a damp paper towel. This will help to keep the tortilla from getting hard as it heats up. I usually microwave for 1min, flip it over and microwave for 30-60sec more depending on your microwave and how hot you want it.
  10. Oh and tip number two, try dipping them in your favorite salsa or sauce. Our go-to is this Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo sauce. Just try it, it will change your life! So good!
  11. Hire a maid to clean up the aftermath of your burrito factory! No but really, don’t let this mess scare you, it will be worth it I promise!

You can totally add in any other ingredients you would like. For example if I was making these just for myself and not my picky bland eating children, I would throw in some sautéed onion and peppers and maybe even some mushrooms. But like I said, for now I keep it pretty simple.

I am now officially ready for school to start. Well, not that I want it to, but it will happen nevertheless so at least I am prepared right?!

Bring it on!


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