Meet McCoy

McCoy boy, as we frequently call him, is 4 years old. I understand now why the baby of the family always sort of stays the “baby” of the family. He gets the special treatment this one. I mean he still begs to be held and carried around. By the time his brothers were this age a new little brother had come along to kick him out of the carrying stage over two years ago! But he is my last so carry him I will until my back gives out. Its what the babies get right?

McCoy is tough but gentle, fearless but shy, and sweet but sassy. One minute he is grabbing my face with his two little hands and saying, “you’re my cute mommy” as he kisses me on the cheek. Then the next he is screaming at me to leave him alone because he doesn’t want my help! He does well keeping up with those big brothers, but it isn’t uncommon to find him off on his own adventures. He loves to explore, look for bugs, and build things in the sand. He is independent and could play at the park by himself for hours with a bucket and a shovel.

All three of my boys were/are thumb suckers. They all carried around a little “lovey” as they popped that little thumb in their mouth. McCoy is the most attached to that little lovey and we don’t go anywhere without it. I mean ANYWHERE! And judge me all you want, but I just don’t care. The first two boys I sort of cared, this time, I don’t.  It keeps him happy and does it really hurt anyone? Well, ask me that in a few years when I get his Orthodontia bill… He will give it up eventually right? And if not, I will let his future wife deal with it.

That lovey is his comfort, his safety net, and his “Georgie.” I have a love/hate relationship with that smelly thing but it is seriously apart of who this kid is right now. Its just McCoy and you rarely see him without it. I know one day I will look back and miss that little monkey snuggled to his face. But for now its a love/hate little Georgie, love/hate!

McCoy is a mama’s boy for sure. He is my little buddy and doesn’t often leave my side. Being a stay at home mom means he doesn’t ever really have to. And I am ok with that too. I know first hand how short this stage lasts, and knowing he is my last I have chosen to embrace it rather than rush it on by. A perk to being the third kid I suppose.

This little guy is good with his words. He is the most affectionate and so kind. Always saying how much he loves you. Always at the most unexpected and unprompted times. Usually just when I need it hear it too! I am assuming its his way to show appreciation, because its almost every time when he is sitting on the potty and you are in the middle of wiping his bottom. “I love you, you’re my best mommy”  I love you too you little pooper!

Being the third kid he has had to go with the flow a lot, and tag along. He doesn’t ever seem to mind. I hope this is a trait that sticks with him. I know he will take life as it comes and adjust right along with it no matter what happens. Well maybe as long as Georie can come too.



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