Meet Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln is 6 years old. He is our fire and ice boy and he has been that way since birth. You get all or nothing with this guy and that is one of the things I love most about him. He doesn’t do anything half way, once he commits (and that definitely has to be his decision to commit mind you, don’t even make me talk about potty training this kid) then there is no backing down. He loves hard and battles hard but thankfully he also has the sweetest most tender heart. This kid feels hard, and even when its not him who gets hurt. Of my three boys he is by far the most empathetic and would give up anything to make his brothers stop crying when they are upset.

Lincoln has always been a hugger and a snuggler. He gives the best, most genuine hugs ever! My favorites are when I go into his room first thing in the morning to wake him for school. He rolls over, reaches one arm up and hooks it around your neck and pulls you in so tight for a good morning snuggle. No better way to start my day.

We also like to joke that Lincoln has a natural little swag to him. He has always tilted his hat just right so it adds that cool factor but is still so darn cute. Or he cracks a joke without even intending to and makes us all laugh. He doesn’t have to try to hard, things just seem to come naturally to him and especially if we are playing a board game that is purely all luck, Lincoln will win. Whatever it is, he has got it!

Lincoln is our boy that likes to figure out how things work. He looks at things differently than most people would. Like the time we were at a stop light and he points over at a cement mixer truck. Most 4 year olds (he was 4 at the time) would say how cool the truck was or talk about the spinning barrel. Lincoln starts telling me that he thinks this part moves there, that part must go there, the cement spins around in there, then flows down this way and you can move it like that… He went on and on about how that truck worked in very specific detail. Or the time I was putting him in the bath and he started explaining to me how the water works from the shower to the wall and the faucet and so on. He sees whats beyond, he looks for more and I love that about him! I think this is part of the reason he is our puzzle guy. He has the patience to sit and finish puzzles and is very precise when it comes to following LEGO instructions. He is an attention to details guy.

Lincoln is speed and finesse and silly and sass all rolled into one. He is the best mix for a middle child and I just couldn’t imagine him being any other way. This kid has big adventures ahead of him for sure. I just hope he lets me keep up so I can enjoy the ride too!


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