Meet Keaton

Keaton is 8 years old and counting down the days until he can drive. Slow down kid! He wants so badly to be able to go places and do things on his own. I love his confidence, but am dreading the fact that he is already wanting to fly the nest.

He is all about sports, especially football. He started playing tackle football when he was five. But it wasn’t until a few games into his first season that he actually grew any interest in handling the football.

“I just want to tackle people mom.”

Now three seasons in and the kid wants to lead the team. Quarterback is his favorite position. Don’t most little boys dream of being the quarterback? It’s so fun watching him develop a love for sports and seeing dreams take shape.

When he isn’t playing football, or playing football on his PS4, he loves to draw, build with LEGOs, and skimboard at the coast. He loves going to the beach and will skimboard rain or shine (and even when it’s “shine,” that Oregon coast water is never warm) that doesn’t stop him. Now if we could just get him to sit in his chair as well as he stays on his skimboard. Seriously, as athletic as this boy is he can also be like a bull in a China shop, we probably don’t go two days in a row without him falling out of a chair at dinner time. We’ll get there…I hope!

Keaton is very much like his Daddy when it comes to new sports or hobbies. He gets his mind set on something and that is all he can think about until it is accomplished. He wants to be good at it. This summer they spent hours together figuring out how to solve a Rubiks Cube. Dad mastered the 3X3 version and Keaton the 2X2. Me, I don’t have the patience for that craziness.

Keaton is a rule follower to the core and also very competitive. So when it comes to giving his younger brothers a little grace in a friendly front yard pick up game, you can forget about it! Which is probably why I didn’t really mind that I beat him at bowling when we went on a mommy/son date for his birthday. I don’t know where he gets that competitiveness from.


I love that he can also let loose and show a goofy side. He loves to try to make us laugh and his smart-aleck humor is starting to show more and more.

Since the day he was born, Keaton has had these big blue eyes wide with excitement. No, but really people would ask if he was excited or surprised all the time, but that was just his normal look. Thankfully he has grown into those big blues. But they are still full of excitement and awe and I can’t wait to see what he sets his sights on next, because I have no doubt that kid will conquer whatever life brings his way.


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