3 Reasons you should NOT blog while the kids are home!

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I am still pretty new to this whole blogging thing but there is one thing I have learned pretty quick, and that is to NOT blog while the kids are home!

I am a stay at home mom of three boys, ages 3, 5 and 7. Right now two of the three go to school full time and that is usually when I try to get most of my blogging done. But that doesn’t always happen plus I still have one at home so I have to be strategic. But occasionally I have had to try to get some writing done when all three of them are here…at home…with me.


Just don’t do it!

The other day I sat down to write something meaningful and personal, something that could really reach someone, something that could change a life forever! You know, that is why us bloggers want to write, right? I mean we want to connect with people and share our lives with them. We want to write helpful, inquisitive, thought-provoking pieces that will change the world one blog post at a time!

So I sat down to accomplish this mission and do my part for society. Instead, I was interrupted approximately 5 billion times and had to make 800 snacks before I realized what the blogging world needs is a WARNING label. A “do not try this at home” disclosure. How can we be great writers in these circumstances? Sure, I have seen those “How I made $100 in my first month of blogging” posts on Pinterest. Mine would be more like “How I made -$2,000 in my first month of blogging because I had to hire a nanny to watch these critters while I try to focus and actually put complete thoughts together.” Do you feel me?

So here I am helping a friend out and giving you my top three reasons why you should NEVER blog while the kids are home. This my friends, is your WARNING label.

I am not even kidding, it’s always the second you sit down to write that one of them needs something. And you can fix them a snack but of course only one of them is hungry at a time. So you ask the other two, are you sure you aren’t hungry right now? Nope, we’re good.
2 minutes later,

“Mom, can I have a snack?”
“Are you kidding me kid, you just said you weren’t hungry.”
“but now I am.”

Once you fix another snack it is always something else.

Anything else.

“Mom, when was the first ever football game?”
“Mom, can you find my Georgie?” (don’t even get me started on this one! See Mommie Vs. Lovie!)
“Mom, solve this crossword puzzle I made you.”
“Mom, can we have lunch?” (why do they eat so much?!)
“Mom, can we play outside?”
“Mom, I spilled!”
“Mom, he took my lego!” (There are 2.5 million other LEGOs in your room!)
“Mom, who hit the most home runs ever?”
“Mom, we broke it!” (broke what?!)
“Mom, can you read me a book?”
“Mom, is this a booger?”
“Mom, build us a fort”
“Mom, watch this!” (this can be good or bad. Really it’s just a toss-up depending on the day).

And my most favorite:
“MOOOOOOM, I’MMMM DOOOONNNNE” (The call for mom to come wipe a poopie booty).

They just need things, all of the things, anything! And the food, all the food. All the time. Or at least all the time when you are writing.

Anytime I sit down to work on my laptop any one of the three will instantly be hovering right over my shoulder. Kids to screens are like bugs to lights. They just can’t resist.

“Watcha watchin’?”

“Nothing, I am working.”

“Silly mommy, you don’t have a job!”

*sigh* (insert facepalm emoji here) I do have a job, and I am about ready to fire my three cute little clients right now!

“I am working on my blog.”

“I want to blog. Can I have a blog? What’s a blog? Is it fun?”

Apparently my children think any electronic is for playing. If it has a screen it must have a game on it and if it has a game on it then it is definitely their turn to play. I mean, if mom gets to play then they get a turn too right?

Ha, that’s what they think!

Now please stop breathing into my ear for two minutes before I show you how to throw a real tantrum!

In the event that I am trying to prevent reasons 1) and 2) from happening, I will put on a show for the boys to watch. Back to that bug to the light thing, a show works perfectly! Once I get past the battle of picking a show they all three can agree on, then it works like magic!

Before I know it I have been blogging away making lots of progress and feeling good about my work. I am feeling accomplished! This is great!

Then I look at the clock. Hours?! Hours have passed? I thought I only pushed ‘Yes’ once when Netflix asked “are you still watching?”

Mind your own business Netflix!

Enter Mom guilt. Here I am trying to write about my parenting ‘skills’ or the wisdom I’ve gained like I am someone worthy of doing so. When in reality I am sitting here ignoring my children and letting them watch T.V. for hours! What kind of parent is that? It’s the same when we show our best on social media but the reality speaks otherwise behind the camera. We’ve all done it. But that doesn’t make it right.

So I might have gotten a lot of work done, but I feel terrible about it. Was it worth it? Probably not.

In the end I have realized it is just better to find another time. It’s not always convenient and I might have to make some sacrifices in other areas of my own time. But if this is something I want to do they shouldn’t have to be the ones to make the sacrifice, or deal with a mommy who is annoyed because they are hungry… again!

Now please excuse me while I go make another snack.




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  1. My two favorite lines:

    #1 – “Mom, watch this!” (this can be good or bad. Really it’s just a toss-up depending on the day).

    #2 – Now please stop breathing into my ear for two minutes before I show you how to throw a real tantrum!

  2. All of this! All the time! My kids are 5,4,and 2, and I don’t try doing anything blog related unless the oldest is in school, the second in rest time, the third napping. Otherwise it’s just an exercise in frustration.

  3. i try to do most of my blogging during nap time. but some days i just need to finish up a post once everyone is awake and home from school. it always takes forever to finish up that last, like 30 mins of work. and i always, always feel guilty. like i’m playing on the computer instead of interacting (fully) with them.

  4. LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing. It is so true. I totally have to stop blogging during the day unless our 2-year-old daughter is napping (which doesn’t happen much anymore). Thanks again for sharing!

  5. I love this post! Great tips for us new bloggers with kids! I admit I have tried to write while the boys are buzzing all around me. My youngest will get mad and say “Are you writing about me? I thought I saw my name!” HAHAHA. 🙂

  6. An idea about the snack thing. Can you make a container of “mix” for them that they can get to or put in baggies in fridge that they can go get? They are “special Blog snacks” Cut up PBJ bites, cheese bites, etc? Of course I only had one boy, so what do. I know!!!! Your stories sure make me laugh
    But so sad to read about your Dad :(. Keep blogging. Youretalented!

    1. That is a good idea! Funny you mention it, I did just recently move some of the snack foods down to lower shelves where they can help themselves. That has helped a little. Thanks for the tip! And thank you for your kind words, I appreciate that you take the time to read my blog! 🙂

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