I’m a sports playing, introverted, small town girl from Washington who fell in love with a fun-loving, kindhearted, Oregon boy who is 5 inches shorter than me. We were an unlikely pair who met at a Young Life summer camp. I am so thankful we made it passed that first awkward hug (read more about that here) and didn’t let a few inches decide our future. He took a chance on me, and I will forever be grateful that he did. We have been married for 11 years now and have three boys. Keaton (8), Lincoln (6) and McCoy (4).

I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay at home to raise our three boys. These last 8 years have been crazy busy, but crazy fun! I wouldn’t change it for anything. This year I have 2 of those little boys in school full time and I feel like I have more time to start doing some of the things I have been putting off, like blogging. Besides, I have 8 years of material on hold from these little boys that I need to get written down!

So join me on my journey as I share with you what this life has been teaching me. It is not always sunshine and rainbows, in fact its more like tornadoes, boogers, and potty talk. But it is real and its mine, and by the grace of God they still love me and forgive me when I mess it all up.

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